Installing ImpressPages

Installing ImpressPages via Virtualmin is very easy. This articles show you how. If you would prefer a video see the bottom of this page.

Note: You will need to know how to access Virtualmin before you can accomplish this task.  If you do not know how please see the relevant article.

From within Virtualmin:

  1. Click on "Install Scripts"

    Click on Install Scripts

    Install Scripts

  2. From the install scripts screen you can either select the radio button to the left or the ImpressPages entry and select "Show Install Options" or you can click on the green tick that appears when you hover over the entry.

    Select Wordpress

    Select Wordpress

  3. From the "Script install options" screen fill in the relevant site details.  If this is the only platform you will be installing on your account ensure you select "At top level" on the "Install sub-directory under public_html" item. Otherwise you will be installing ImpressPages in a sub-directory (i.e.

    Wordpress install details

  4. And if you see something like the following screen ImpressPages has been installed successfully.  To access that Admin Console just click on the appropriate link.  

    Successful Installation

  5. If you clicked on the Admin Console you should see the following screen.  All you need to do now is enter the username and password from the previous page.

    Wordpress Login


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