Having issues creating an SSL enabled sub-domain when using Let's Encrypt

If you have a parent domain that is SSL enabled with a Let's Encrypt certificate you may get the following error if you try to enable SSL on a subdomain.  Especially if the sub-domain doesn't share the parent domain's domain name.  

Adding new SSL virtual website ..
.. certificate file is not valid : Data starts with , but expected -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----

If this occurs do the following

  1. Go to the parent domain in the dropdown at the top of the left menu bar.
  2. Once the parent domain is loaded select "Server Configuration".
  3. Within the Server Configuration sub-menu select "SSL Certificate".
  4. Go to the "Let's Encrypt" tab.
  5. Select "Domain names listed here" making sure that the domains in the "Domains Associated with this server" are listed then...
  6. Add the sub-domain you are trying to enable to the list.
  7. Click "Request Certificate".
  8. Waiting until completed.  It may take some time depending upon how many domains you have in the list.
  9. Now go to you sub-domain and enable SSL.

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