Backup and Restore

Backing up your account is an important task.  While we do backup daily all accounts and databases you can also manually backup.  This is highly recommended when performing updates on your websites.  An example being upgrading a WordPress site.

To perform a backup follow the below instructions.




  • From within Virtualmin click on "Backup and Restore" followed by "Backup Virtual Servers" located at the bottom of the left hand menu.

    In this case the backup will be stored in the "virtualmin-backup" folder (within your account) backing everything up to a single file called "/mybackup.tar.gz".  If you wish to backup to separate files for each domain/virtual server just enter the path in the destination.  For most accounts just entering "/" within the destination box is sufficient. 

    Select Backup and Restore + Enter requirements
  • When you have selected the desired options click on "Backup Now".  You should then see something like the below image.  Make sure you do not see any errors within the diagnostic test.  You should see "Backup is complete" at the end of the output text.  If you see any errors take a screenshot and attach it to a support ticket.

    Backup Complete 



  • Click on "Backup and Restore" on the left hand menu followed by "Restore Backup".  In the next screen select the backup source and select the required backup.  In this case we are taking it from within the user account.  You can all import it from another sources, from example your local machine.

    Select Backup and Restore + Restore Backup
  • Click on "Show What Will Be Restored".  As per the below image this screen will tell you what will be restored from the backup.  Note the greyed out text will display the domain name to be restored.

    What will be restored
  • Once you are sure you want to perform the restore click on "Restore Now".  If everything goes well you should see something like the below image.  If you see any errors take a screenshot and attach it to a support ticket.

    Restore Complete

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